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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2023-10-31 15:35README: add warning about brokenessRandy Palamar1+5-0
2023-03-07 19:53charsets.c: don't duplicate static global strs just store the ptrRandy Palamar3+5-43
2023-03-07 18:13remove a couple unused variablesRandy Palamar2+0-5
2023-03-07 18:12don't pass uninitialized variable in file_func()Randy Palamar1+1-1
2023-03-06 17:06store config files in the correct directoryRandy Palamar1+9-23
2022-12-05 14:23replace some single char strs with add_chr_to_str()Randy Palamar4+31-31
2022-12-05 05:42add_to_str(): return new str lengthRandy Palamar25+1069-1045
2022-12-02 05:23bfu.c: cleanup some useless variablesRandy Palamar1+18-37
2022-12-02 05:02view.c: cleanup a few small thingsRandy Palamar1+7-21
2022-12-02 04:26cleanup some convert() callsRandy Palamar10+35-58
2022-12-02 03:11links.h: remove term_charset(a) macroRandy Palamar10+103-182
2022-12-02 02:45links.h: remove two more unneeded functionsRandy Palamar1+1-14
2022-11-30 14:54add_chr_to_str(): return new text lengthRandy Palamar20+192-196
2022-11-30 06:15add_bytes_to_str(): return new text lengthRandy Palamar10+50-53
2022-11-30 05:46string.c: always add extra byte to strRandy Palamar1+1-5
2022-11-30 05:39links.h: remove init_str() functionRandy Palamar22+97-100
2022-11-29 14:35main.c: remove duplicate functionRandy Palamar1+2-18
2022-11-29 06:27string.c: rewrite add_bytes_to_str to use reallocarrayRandy Palamar3+20-25
2022-11-29 05:17move some functions out of links.hRandy Palamar3+55-48
2022-11-29 04:49fix list_entry_1st formatting errorRandy Palamar12+77-42
2022-11-29 04:14add and apply .clang-formatRandy Palamar40+14546-8411
2022-11-26 04:53session.c: delete empty functionRandy Palamar2+0-9
2022-11-26 04:23move $(INCS) & $(CPPFLAGS) to .c.o targetRandy Palamar2+3-3
2022-11-26 04:14session.c: fix obvious use after freeRandy Palamar1+4-3
2021-08-27 00:17menu.c: remove os_shell menu optionRandy Palamar4+1-30
2021-08-26 23:54dns.c: remove useless switch statementRandy Palamar1+4-5
2021-08-26 23:42connect.c: properly zero read_buffer and remove useless error checkRandy Palamar2+2-3
2021-08-26 23:35connect.c: delete unused codeRandy Palamar2+0-108
2021-08-26 23:23cleanup some casting spaghetti in dns.c and connect.cRandy Palamar3+22-23
2021-08-26 23:13dns.c: remove useless do_queued_lookup()Randy Palamar1+2-7
2021-08-26 23:09delete '-lookup' commandline optionRandy Palamar4+1-33
2021-08-26 22:52connect.c: remove commented code and reverse if in socket_and_bind()Randy Palamar1+46-50
2021-08-26 22:41introduce config.def.h and use it to {dis,}enable ipv6Randy Palamar5+9-14
2021-08-26 22:31cleanup c_socket a bit and remove incorrect error checksRandy Palamar3+20-19
2021-05-30 15:53cache.c: minor style fixesRandy Palamar1+9-9
2020-08-09 04:02links.h: cleanup some defines0x766F696415+15-75
2020-08-09 03:40fix small bug introduced in d6fddd70x766F69642+3-3
2020-08-03 22:41os_dep.h: small clean up0x766F69641+0-16
2020-08-03 15:33delete some stuff that was missed during graphics removal0x766F69644+0-57
2020-08-03 15:22remove some dead assignments0x766F69646+2-10
2020-08-03 14:21setup.h: clean up some unused #defines0x766F69644+0-71
2020-08-03 04:30html.c: delete commented out fn0x766F69641+0-40
2020-08-03 04:27remove gf_val() and LL macros0x766F696412+183-186
2020-08-02 14:55remove #define F 0 line and related code0x766F696414+503-594
2020-07-17 22:23update README0x766F69642+25-25
2020-07-17 21:37menu.c: remove reinit_video()0x766F69641+0-3
2020-07-17 21:32links.h: remove GF(x) macro0x766F69643+0-7
2020-07-17 21:29bfu.c: remove dead {init,shutdown}_bfu() fns0x766F69643+0-8
2020-07-17 21:23remove img.c0x766F69645+0-30
2020-07-17 21:14remove graphics support0x766F696431+57-120771
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