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2024-05-07 12:51msmtp: bump to 1.8.26Randy Palamar2+5-5
2024-05-06 21:05awk: Update to 20240422Michael Forney1+1-1
2024-05-07 12:26vis: bump to 0.9Randy Palamar3+9-6
2024-03-25 12:08libgit2: bump to 1.8.0Randy Palamar2+8-4
2024-03-22 05:35strace: Update to 6.8Michael Forney21+512-1042
2024-03-22 05:35linux-headers: Update to 6.8Michael Forney10+95-147
2024-03-22 04:44cproc: Update to latest gitMichael Forney1+1-1
2024-03-22 19:15qbe: Update to latest gitMichael Forney1+1-1
2024-03-17 06:59add some warning flagsMichael Forney5+6-3
2024-03-09 22:47git: bump to 2.44.0Randy Palamar9+12-6
2024-03-09 22:20libpng: bump to 1.6.43Randy Palamar2+4-4
2024-03-09 14:06hyx: bump to 2024.02.29Randy Palamar4+4-4
2024-03-09 01:12add lang/rc from oasisRandy Palamar8+310-0
2024-02-09 03:33libpng: bump to 1.6.42Randy Palamar2+11-9
2024-02-09 03:26libgit2: bump to 1.7.2Randy Palamar1+1-2
2024-02-09 03:18man: add '.gz' extension when neededMichael Forney1+3-1
2024-02-08 18:15make outdated.py work with new layoutRandy Palamar1+76-52
2024-02-08 16:24md4c: bump to 0.5.2Randy Palamar2+3-3
2024-01-31 08:30zlib: 1.3.1hovercats1+1-1
2024-02-08 13:47optipng: update to 0.7.8Randy Palamar6+6-5
2024-02-08 13:42README: update differences and document new packagesRandy Palamar1+15-1
2024-02-08 08:50qbe: Update to latest gitMichael Forney4+5-6
2024-02-08 04:46lua: Build luacMichael Forney1+5-1
2024-01-05 23:05lpeg: 1.1.0hovercats5+5-4
2024-01-11 22:41Make man page compression optionalMichael Forney2+15-4
2024-01-31 12:44sbase: bump to d335c36Randy Palamar1+1-1
2024-01-16 16:33sbase: bump to 270ca02Randy Palamar1+1-1
2024-01-03 01:03fix tail component replacement in man() for old luaRandy Palamar1+2-1
2024-01-02 03:24b3sum: Update to 1.5.0Michael Forney1+1-1
2024-01-02 21:08less: update to version 643Randy Palamar7+14-62
2024-01-02 17:23add sys/less from oasisRandy Palamar9+233-1
2024-01-02 17:25replace tail component of src with srcsection in man()Randy Palamar1+2-2
2024-01-01 21:50curl: Update to 8.5.0Michael Forney9+27-64
2024-01-01 14:20awk: 20231228hovercats1+1-1
2024-01-01 19:45Allow nested tables in copy() file listMichael Forney1+2-2
2024-01-01 17:59openbsd: fix url not working. closes #71hovercats1+2-2
2023-12-30 04:17sfeed: bump to 2.0Randy Palamar1+1-1
2023-12-27 17:41optipng: add missing zlib deps to gen.luaRandy Palamar1+2-1
2023-12-27 17:28use xargs from OpenBSDRandy Palamar4+37-1
2023-11-19 02:04add media/optipngRandy Palamar8+50-0
2023-11-15 04:31sbase: bump to 4cf7643Randy Palamar2+3-3
2023-11-10 13:02qbe: set remote back to remote commitRandy Palamar0+0-0
2023-11-10 12:53add cproc from oasis bumped to latestRandy Palamar7+66-0
2023-11-10 05:15add qbe from oasis bumped to latestRandy Palamar8+109-0
2023-11-06 16:19mblaze: use string for mode in gen.luaRandy Palamar1+2-2
2023-11-06 05:06mblaze: install a couple contrib scriptsRandy Palamar1+2-0
2023-11-06 03:10add msmtp from oasis bumped to 1.8.25Randy Palamar8+179-0
2023-11-04 05:21add mblaze from oasis bumped to latestRandy Palamar6+108-0
2023-10-25 00:18replace cmark with md4c/md2htmlRandy Palamar12+36-49
2023-10-15 19:32curl: update to 8.4.0Randy Palamar11+138-93
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