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2024-04-22 15:23fix build with broken glibc headers and delete const garbageRandy Palamar2+5-5
2024-04-19 23:11compile as a single translation unitRandy Palamar23+85-188
2023-10-20 15:38script: avoid printing empty blocksRandy Palamar1+1-1
2023-10-20 15:37avoid uneccessary redraws from 0 len blocksRandy Palamar1+2-1
2023-10-20 12:32mpd: remove extra variable and clear block on failed connRandy Palamar1+2-4
2023-10-20 12:31properly clear block when its length changes to 0Randy Palamar1+5-2
2023-10-16 11:56mpd: avoid printing when block is emptyRandy Palamar1+1-1
2023-10-15 06:47cleanup ugly infinite for loopRandy Palamar1+3-2
2023-10-15 06:34move initialization to single functionRandy Palamar1+18-10
2023-02-27 17:26increase _POSIX_C_SOURCE define and add comment about optional libsRandy Palamar1+7-4
2023-02-27 17:21add bat_arg structRandy Palamar5+47-16
2023-02-27 16:00blight.c: update to match last commitRandy Palamar1+2-2
2023-02-18 01:01change block arg union member to void *Randy Palamar10+59-39
2023-02-18 00:03don't put unnecessary flags in CFLAGS and LDFLAGSRandy Palamar2+4-4
2022-09-08 19:38script.c: correctly trim newlinesRandy Palamar1+2-4
2022-07-19 17:05rename gettime() to date() and follow other block conventionsRandy Palamar6+20-17
2022-06-29 02:44linux/battery.c: shut up warningRandy Palamar1+1-1
2022-06-04 19:53move os specific functions to subdirectoriesRandy Palamar14+179-179
2022-06-04 19:33add fn descriptions in config.def.h and simplify defaultsRandy Palamar1+19-10
2022-06-03 23:26add a block for printing display brightness in percentRandy Palamar5+35-1
2021-08-23 23:51add script() blockRandy Palamar2+25-0
2021-07-07 17:30fix volume block for devices without volume controlRandy Palamar1+10-8
2021-04-24 19:37properly handle argumentsRandy Palamar1+16-6
2021-04-23 14:52minor tweakRandy Palamar1+3-3
2021-04-23 06:15add READMERandy Palamar1+36-0
2021-04-23 06:02actually implement interval updatingRandy Palamar2+45-25
2021-04-05 17:25update status after all blocks are updated and shutup newline warningRandy Palamar2+6-7
2021-04-04 23:13remove useless snprintf buf calls in getvol()Randy Palamar1+8-7
2021-04-04 22:55re-add buffer usage for trimming tag length and fix broken labelsRandy Palamar1+4-2
2021-04-04 22:46make conn test clearer and rename mpd() to mpd_tag()Randy Palamar3+12-11
2021-04-04 22:34remove buffer usage in mpd.c and move connection check to a functionRandy Palamar1+17-15
2021-04-04 19:58properly check MPD_STATE and remove second if (status) checkRandy Palamar1+15-10
2021-04-04 17:40remove unneeded mpd_response_finish() call from mpd.cRandy Palamar1+0-1
2021-04-04 17:37replace BLOCKLEN in fn calls with LEN(*)Randy Palamar5+9-8
2021-04-04 16:02actually add signals to blocksigmaskRandy Palamar1+18-5
2021-04-04 04:08use mpd_run_* shortcutsRandy Palamar1+2-4
2021-04-04 03:14utilize mpd's idle interface and set keepalive flag on connRandy Palamar1+5-1
2021-04-04 02:51update all blocks which share a signal before redrawingRandy Palamar1+3-4
2021-04-04 02:43only update blocks with an intervalRandy Palamar2+12-5
2021-04-04 02:33try to restart connection if mpd is killedRandy Palamar1+6-0
2021-04-04 02:01keep mpd connection open for program lifetimeRandy Palamar1+18-11
2021-04-03 23:17implement signal handling codeRandy Palamar1+46-4
2021-03-30 18:57remove bprintf()Randy Palamar5+16-29
2021-03-28 07:58use a simpler fix for buffer overflowRandy Palamar3+7-16
2021-03-28 03:05fix potential statusbar buffer overflowRandy Palamar1+14-3
2021-03-27 21:51implement updateblock() and updatestatus() functionsRandy Palamar2+34-10
2021-03-17 21:18move block srcs to they are build configRandy Palamar2+7-6
2021-03-17 19:24shrink buf by BLOCKPAD so the padding is always printedRandy Palamar2+3-2
2021-03-17 19:15update and re-enable mpd blockRandy Palamar4+16-7
2021-03-17 18:50add an arg field to Block structRandy Palamar6+14-21
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