command line tool for looking up terms in yomidict dictionaries
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2023-12-03 04:34replace dictionary array with a hash tableRandy Palamar3+93-179
2023-11-18 20:44use fixed length strings internallyRandy Palamar4+75-58
2023-11-30 16:59use a fn pointer cast to make entcmp more readableRandy Palamar1+2-3
2023-11-16 16:33update usage messageRandy Palamar1+1-1
2023-11-16 13:10make output field separator configurableRandy Palamar5+40-25
2023-11-15 13:46associate ents and nents with their dictionariesRandy Palamar2+63-77
2023-11-14 13:20avoid SIZE_MAX by using (size_t)-1Randy Palamar1+2-3
2023-11-14 06:17shut up warningsRandy Palamar2+5-5
2023-11-12 22:41add a jdict.1 manpageRandy Palamar3+51-1
2023-11-12 19:58jdict: implement multithreadingRandy Palamar3+82-11
2023-11-09 13:24jdict: infer the stride to avoid some reallocsRandy Palamar3+77-58
2023-11-06 00:38yomidict: don't check if current position in data is NULRandy Palamar1+2-2
2023-11-05 22:30rename yomi_parse() to yomi_scan() and rename other static methodsRandy Palamar3+15-14
2023-11-05 22:23make parser an opaque type and rename to YomiScannerRandy Palamar3+78-64
2023-11-07 23:19jdict: log a couple errorsRandy Palamar1+13-3
2023-10-31 12:33yomidict: drop use of libc headersRandy Palamar2+18-17
2023-10-31 12:15yomidict: remove special handling for escaped chars in strsRandy Palamar1+9-38
2023-10-29 05:00handle a couple unlikely error casesRandy Palamar1+7-0
2023-10-29 04:36xmemdup(): actually add extra byte for NULRandy Palamar1+1-1
2023-10-29 04:05replace strndup with wrapper around memcpyRandy Palamar3+17-3
2023-10-29 03:29Makefile: make $(OBJ) depend on config.mkRandy Palamar1+2-3
2023-06-03 13:19yomidict.c: parse(): simplify check for YOMI_ARRAYRandy Palamar1+6-10
2023-05-25 20:42util: trim(): further simplify by initializing p to the end of sRandy Palamar1+4-5
2023-05-25 20:28util: trim(): return start of trimmed stringRandy Palamar3+10-13
2023-04-26 15:31repl(): refactor to make prompt printing more clearRandy Palamar1+5-5
2022-10-23 04:55allow CFLAGS to be more easily overwritten with makeRandy Palamar2+2-2
2022-10-23 01:24dedup(): shrink dents before returning itRandy Palamar1+1-1
2022-10-23 00:55dedup(): simplify loop condition and ensure j doesn't exceed nentsRandy Palamar1+7-13
2022-10-22 20:09handle more than a single consecutive duplicate correctlyRandy Palamar1+10-7
2022-10-22 19:46fix typo in comment, remove useless/empty linesRandy Palamar1+1-3
2022-10-22 19:31properly merge and remove duplicate entriesRandy Palamar1+38-20
2022-10-22 15:58add rudimentary duplicate entry mergingRandy Palamar1+28-1
2022-10-22 05:43make_ent(): remove hack and parse token a little more correctlyRandy Palamar1+20-11
2022-07-17 21:02remove duplicate dictionary generating codeRandy Palamar1+21-16
2022-07-16 19:38move qsort call to make_dict()Randy Palamar1+8-10
2022-07-16 19:23replace printf("%s\n", ...) with puts()Randy Palamar1+3-3
2022-07-16 19:10move fix_newlines() to util.cRandy Palamar3+17-14
2022-07-16 19:05implement an interactive/repl mode for [-i]Randy Palamar4+115-29
2022-07-16 17:03don't free terms when nterms == 0Randy Palamar1+1-3
2022-06-26 02:58remove useless cleanup() fn and fix some style issuesRandy Palamar1+15-21
2022-06-24 23:57don't leak memory when returning after an error in parse_term_bank()Randy Palamar1+10-5
2022-06-24 23:15store updated stride if it was incorrectRandy Palamar1+6-5
2022-06-20 03:14minor style fix in find_ent() (no binary change)Randy Palamar1+3-3
2022-06-20 03:03check syscalls for errorsRandy Palamar1+6-3
2022-06-20 02:51move outer loop in find_and_print_defs() to main()Randy Palamar1+26-28
2022-06-20 02:04don't return when a term isn't foundRandy Palamar1+2-2
2022-06-19 19:52add READMERandy Palamar1+34-0
2022-06-19 19:46modify the dictionary handling to be more robustRandy Palamar2+29-23
2022-06-19 15:57make make_ent() slightly less hackyRandy Palamar1+9-7
2022-06-19 15:52fix incorrect check in find_ent()Randy Palamar1+2-2
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