Simple Colour Picker written in C
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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2024-06-26 20:38don't use unnecessary avx512 instruction in color_from_normalizedRandy Palamar1+1-2
2024-06-26 12:42add SIMD colour_from_normalized functionRandy Palamar1+25-18
2024-06-26 11:58use RenderTexture instead of Image for hsv_textureRandy Palamar3+33-35
2024-06-25 21:17simplify move_towardsRandy Palamar1+10-12
2024-06-20 11:42convert rgb_to_hsv to SIMDRandy Palamar1+53-12
2024-06-19 13:50move colour stack state into persistent stateRandy Palamar3+60-47
2024-06-19 11:41make hsv_to_rgb read more like the equationRandy Palamar1+12-18
2024-06-19 04:20convert fill_hsv_img to a single passRandy Palamar1+22-42
2024-06-19 02:45convert hsv_to_rgb to SIMDRandy Palamar1+44-12
2024-06-13 02:44animate stack pushingRandy Palamar1+70-31
2024-06-13 01:35add animation to the stack and set some defaultsRandy Palamar2+42-13
2024-06-13 00:52declare do_colour_pick static when not debuggingRandy Palamar2+3-1
2024-06-12 12:39add a READMERandy Palamar2+22-3
2024-06-12 03:04implement saved colour stackRandy Palamar2+105-25
2024-06-11 02:35set a default colourRandy Palamar1+3-1
2024-06-11 02:21draw labels centered without ':'Randy Palamar1+15-4
2024-06-11 02:21disable raylib info when not in debugRandy Palamar1+4-0
2024-06-11 01:04avoid race condition and buggy glibc codepath in debugRandy Palamar1+10-3
2024-06-09 22:52only display hex value in RGBRandy Palamar1+10-4
2024-06-09 22:24scale clickable areas when hoveringRandy Palamar3+93-31
2024-06-09 18:39properly draw HSV sliders & allow dragging off sliderRandy Palamar4+138-56
2024-06-09 15:06support building without hot reloadingRandy Palamar4+39-13
2024-06-08 23:47first attempt at converting to HSVRandy Palamar3+166-72
2024-06-08 17:35draw modifiable slidersRandy Palamar3+170-16
2024-06-08 03:29add LICENSERandy Palamar4+16-0
2024-06-08 03:09start laying out the windowRandy Palamar3+65-8
2024-06-08 02:00start doing the thingRandy Palamar4+84-0